Outdoor Banners

Full Color Scrim Banners

Full Color Scrim Banners

Our banners are printed and produced using well-known and widely respected brand-name materials. We also buy our brass grommets direct through a sailing distributor because of the metal's thickness and durability. 


13oz Exterior-Grade Scrim Vinyl

Full Color, Photo-realistic Printing

Brass Grommets with Powertape Edge Reinforcement

Typical sizes range from are 2'x4' through 4'x25'.  However, we can print these banner as large as 16'x150' as a single piece!  

We also offer advanced finishing options such as hemmed edges, wind slits* and stitching.

*Wind slits are not recommended in the sign industry because they compromise the integrity of the banner vinyl while only providing a minimal decrease in wind load. Mesh banners should be considered when strong winds are a concern. It is also recommended that banners be taken down if the area is under a High Wind or Hurricane Advisory.

Stadium and Billboard Banners