Have an event or service that needs advertising?  We have got the right paper and printing to make your flyers look outstanding!  

From 20# Copy paper (perfect for single sided B&W flyers) to thick cover stock marketing slicks, we help advise what type of paper would be ideal for your images and content while maximizing your budget.  

Popular Paper Types

•  20# Copy or Pastels (B&W Single/Double Sided)
•  24# Smooth Laser (Light Text Weight)
•  60# Brights (Fluorescent qualities)
•  28# Smooth Laser (Medium Text Weight)
•  32# Smooth Laser (Heavy Text Weight)
•  100# Gloss Text (Premium Brochure Weight)

Flyer Advice from Barefoot Graphics

Mailing your flyer?  Consider the overall weight of your mailpiece... If the envelope gets too heavy, you may need more postage.  A lighter weight paper can be substituted to reduce your postage costs.

Printing 2-Sided?  Consider a heavier weight paper to reduce image bleed-through, such as 24#, 28#, 32# or 100#, especially if you have dark image content. 

Printing a bunch?  Consider upgrading the paper quality, while limiting color imprint to only 1 side of the flyer. This will yield the best value while not limiting your flyer's content.