Save time and money by eliminating the burdensome task of DIY newsletters! We print newsletters for many companies and organizations every month. Highlight events, employee profiles, new policies and procedures - all while reinforcing your brand image. We can print full color newsletters with high resolution digital imagery. Whether you intend to hand out a few, or bulk mail hundreds, Barefoot Graphics will exceed your expectations every time. We can also prepare your newsletters with our addressing services and bulk mail them with our USPS Marketing Mail Standard Bulk Permit.  Say "Goodbye" to labels and stamps!

Send us your newsletter files and addresses and we will work up an estimate tailored to your organization.   

Popular Paper Types

•  24# Smooth Laser (Light Text Weight)
•  60# Brights (Fluorescent qualities)
•  100# Gloss Text (Premium Brochure Weight)

Newsletter Advice from Barefoot Graphics

Pagination of Four: Because most newsletters are "saddle-stitched," the page count needs to be in sets of 4 - i.e. either 4pgs, 8pgs, 12pgs, 16pgs... If not, an insert or blank page may be required - costing more money while not making the best use of your postage.  

Are you a Non-Profit?  We can use your non-profit indicia to mail your newsletter. Simply apply money to your USPS account and Barefoot Graphics can mail your newsletter on your behalf!

Have a full time job?  Delegate articles and photography so that you are merely assembling the content.

Best layout program?  Professional layout programs such as Adobe InDesign are strongly encouraged. When designing your newsletter, start with a standard size of letter-size pages. Set up your individual pages as "facing pages", not spreads.  Images and color boxes should extend off the artboard by at least .125".  Output your file as a High-Resolution PDF with crop marks and bleeds, turning spreads OFF.