Corrugated Plastic Signs

Corrugated Plastic signage is the perfect choice for temporary promoting outdoors without breaking the bank. It is more durable than corrugated fiberboard, lighter in weight than wood and solid plastic sheets. Additionally, it is both chemical and water resistant making it an ideal choice for numerous commercial and industrial applications. Have an event coming up? Corrugated plastic is perfect for:

•  Yard signs
•  Presentation Boards
•  A-Frame sign holders
•  Roadside signs
•  Event Signs
•  Menu Boards
•  Temporary Real estate sign
•  Announcements
•  Directional signs

Yard Signs

Yard signs are the go-to product to create awareness about an event or to recognize sponsors at an outdoor event. You will never be limited to a few colors at Barefoot Graphics - our Yard Signs are printed in full color and double sided printing is an option.  

We also have "H" step stakes in stock for posting your yard signs around the neighborhood.  

Typical yard signs are 24" wide by 18" high, but ask us about how to maximize your purchase with a slightly smaller size!