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Forms, Prescription RX and Memo Pads, & Post-It Notes


We offer multiple-part NCR forms that allow you to retain carbon copies of any form. B&W, Spot Color and Full Color printing options keep your brand consistent across a variety of documentation. Custom layout, consecutive numbering and hole drilling are options available on all forms. Typically, these forms are glued to each other, yet come loose in a box. Padding of NCR forms are available.

The color configuration of our carbonless forms are as follows:

  • 2-Part - White/Canary
  • 3-Part - White/Canary/Pink
  • 4-Part - White/Canary/Pink/Goldenrod


If you are just starting your business and not looking to reinvent the wheel with a custom form, we have a variety of stock forms that allow you to customize your business name, address and phone number only.

We have a variety of stock forms:

  • Register Forms
  • Road Service Books
  • Gift Certificate Books
  • Receipt & Phone-O-Gram Books
  • Purchase Order Forms & Books
  • Invoice Forms & Books
  • Repair Forms
  • Service Forms
  • Statement & Sales Order Forms & Books
  • Shipping Forms
  • Memo, Proposal & Job Work Order Forms

Memo and Prescription RX Pads

Memo Pads are a great way to keep forms and stationery together. Using a compound padding glue, we can divide your prints into sets of any quantity. Pads come with a sturdy chipboard back to give you some rigidity to write on.


We are a supplier of printed prescription pads to medical offices. Our pads are printed on tamper resistant paper that meets and exceeds all Medicaid tamper resistant paper requirements. We typically produce prescription pads with 100 prescriptions per pad, 20 pads per box, all secured with tamper-resistant tape. Carbon copy prescription paper and padding is available using this same secure paper. We also resell prescription paper to offices needing to print prescriptions on their laser or inkjet printers.

  • Hidden Message Technology™/"VOID" Background Technology: When a prescription printed on Secure Guard Prescription Pad Paper has been copied, the word "VOID" appears on the photocopy in background.
  • Secure Rub™ Color Change Ink: Strip of RED Rx symbols in margin disappears briefly when rubbed.
  • Anti-Copy Watermark™: An artificial watermark is printed on the back of each sheet. This watermark will not appear on a copy when the document is duplicated.
  • ANTI-COPY COIN RUB™: An "Anti Copy Security Mark" is hidden on the back of the sheet as part of the artificial watermark. Rub a coin over the back of the sheet to activate this feature.
  • Distinctive "BLUE SECURITY background" (Green is available)
  • Acid Free Bond
  • Batch Number Protection™
  • Reverse Side Warning Box

Post-It Notes

Post-it® Notes are a great way to make your brand image "stick." We offer short print runs to long runs of spot color and full color custom Post-it® Notes. Your choice of multiple stock colors (including neon papers) and ink colors.

Post-it® Note Cubes are a great way to maximize your advertising impact if you intend to place a large order of pads and pass out large quantities of notes. Use all 5 advertising surfaces to maximize impact. Choose a full color picture for each side or go with a 1 or 2 color imprint.

We also offer Acrylic Holders!