Stamps & Embossers

Xstamper® and 2000 Plus® Self-inking Stampers

Xstamper® and 2000 Plus® Self-inking Stampers

We offer a complete line of popular Xstamper® and 2000 PLUS® self-inking stampers and pre-inked stampers, along with traditional stampers and daters.  Let us know the approximate size, ink color and description of what you want to stamp!  Perfect for stamping signatures, warnings, dates, instructions or internal processes.  

Common ink colors include Black, Red, Blue, Green & Violet.  

Stamp Refills

Need a refill?  We can order Self Inking Stamp Refill Inks, Accu Stamp® Pre-Inked Stamp Refill Inks, Xstamper® Pre-Inked Stamp Refill Inks, and Xstamper® VersaDater® Pre-Inked Stamp Refill Cartridges.  We also have traditional felt Stamp Pads.


We offer handheld embossers and desk embossers, along with embosser accessories such as Gold Starburst Foil Seals and Journals of Notarial Acts.