Car & Truck Door Magnets

Car & Truck Magnets

Looking for a method to temporarily advertise on your vehicle?  Not sure yet if you want to permanently letter a vehicle with your company's information?  

Car & Truck Vehicle Magnets are the ideal solution for any business or organization with unidentified vehicles.  Use your magnets as a temporary means of advertising in place of more permanent vinyl decals and lettering.

•  Temporarily identify vehicles with a business or organization
•  Temporarily turn a pleasure/personal vehicle into a work services vehicle
•  Update contact information inexpensively - including social media accounts/handles
•  Add limited-time or seasonal services to a vehicle
•  Advertise your business when you want to and remove when you don't.   

Our magnets are exterior-grade vehicle magnets.

•  We only use .030 Magnetic Sheeting
•  We print full color, directly to the ink-receptive magnetic sheeting
•  We laminate our car & truck magnets with UV gloss laminate specifically rated for automotive use
•  We round the corners using 1/2" corner rounding to promote magnetic receptivity to your vehicle

We offer custom vehicle magnet production - but use these sizes a guideline for door sizing:

•  Car - 12" high by 24" wide
•  Van or Truck - 18" high by 24" wide

Please be aware that most vehicle doors are magnetic.  Trailers tend to be aluminum, and therefore not magnetic. Please test your vehicle with a refrigerator magnet before ordering.